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How It Works

Enter your details as a member of by just clicking Sign up on the Home Page.

Select the relevant business categories that describe the products/services and mention what kind of business you are involved in,that you wish to receive tender alerts on.

All the tenders will be categorized in to listed categories in the home page andregistered users can subscribe to any number of categories. However all tenders will be visible in the Services.

If you are searching for tender information you can just browse and be able to search for tender notices easily.The system will send you the tender notices andnewsletters via e mail on the day they are published. You can specify to receiveonly contract opportunities within certain business fields that you prefer sothat you can avoid receiving unwanted tender invitations and newsletters.

Once you have registered and activated you will receive your user name and password, which you can use to login plus you will receive brief alerts daily.and you can use your account to search tender notices, download and engage in all the other transactions.

All members are required to register for a paid subscription package of their choice to view full tender details.